Simone’s Toybox: Hatchimals and Candy Stores!

IMG_3954.JPG Hi everyone, It’s Simone here. I got a Hatcnhimal today! I decided to show you her.IMG_3955

Here she is! I haven’t opened her yet. I decided to open her with you guys. IMG_3956

This is the front of the flyer. These are the places your Hatchimal can come from.IMG_3957

To open the egg, you have to rub the heart until it turns pink. So I’m gonna do thatIMG_3958

It started to open! I’m excited to see what she looks like. I think it’s a she, I honestly don’t know xdIMG_3959Almost open! Look at her adorable face! ❤


It’s opened, yay!IMG_3961I got her out of the shell, she’s so cute! I think she’s a squirrel

IMG_3962.JPGAccording to the flyer, she’s from the Forest group. The color of the speckles on the egg tells you what group your Hatcnhimal is from. Since mine had green speckles, she’s from the Forest collection.

IMG_3963.JPGLook, that’s my Hatcnhimal 🙂IMG_3964

I think the bottom part of the shell is supposed to be used as a nest for the HatcnhimalIMG_3965

I also got another playset. A Design Your World Candy Shop! I suppose we have to put it togetherIMG_3966

These are the pieces for it.


These are the different floorings. I think I wanna go with the peppermint swirl floor.

IMG_3970So now I’m gonna open the pieces for the wall, but I’m gonna need help. MAE!!!!!


Can you open this for me?

Kay, sure



Got it open. I put two pieces of the wall on now. Now I have to add the two others piecesIMG_3972


Now I have to make the candy shop owner. Sigh, decisions decisions.


I decided to do the lady. So now I am gonna put her in the candy storeIMG_3975

Here’s the candy shop owner and her pet squirrel, Fluffy!


Thanks for viewing everyone and I’ll see you next time in Simone’s Toybox. Bye!







So, how did you guys like it? I hope you enjoyed, I’ll post again soon! Toodles!



27 thoughts on “Simone’s Toybox: Hatchimals and Candy Stores!

      1. You’re welcome! I REALLY wanted the LOL Surprise Big Surprise but my mom said it was too expensive 😦
        I have over 10 LOL Dolls!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. IKR??? I saw on YouTube that people were trading LOL Dolls. Did you know that on Ebay people are selling fake LOL Dolls??

        Liked by 1 person

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