Hey Guys!

Ok, Christmas is 59 days away. YAY! Where has this year gone? I already started looking for Christmas dresses, Brooke will wear the Celebration Dress, Simone will wear Melody’s Christmas dress and Gabby will wear the Festive Reindeer PJ’s. You may be thinking  “so…what is Leah wearing?” Well, I’m not sure. I need YOUR help to decide! Answering this poll will be a great help.  Thanks if you do!



 This is the poll

18 thoughts on “HELP NEEDED

  1. I think Rebecca’s dress would look fabulous on Leah! However it is completely up to you since I imagine you don’t have the dress yet. 59 days until Christmas, yikes.

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      1. Same! I probably won’t do that because I also have a separate non AG blog so it wouldn’t really work… but still awesome idea!

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      2. I’d love a link! I nominated you for the New Blogger Tag (you can still do it even though it’s almost November) it’s at my blog

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