American Girl Doll Stuff @ Kohls!

I went to Kohl’s last night for halloween costumes and I found the AG display! I took some pictures to share with you guys! 🙂


I love this display with Tenney & Logan!

Tenney Display

This is just some of Tenney’s stuff. I didn’t see Logan there, I suppose he’s a popular doll!Tenney's & Logan's Items

Here is Tenney’s outfits, accessories and Logan’s drum. I never expected it to be SO tiny!

Tenney's Pajamas

Here is some of Tenney’s exclusive pajama’s. It’s for the girl and the doll. I have the pink Sing Your Story pajamas and I totally recommend them. Brooke seems to take over the doll version XD.

Now for some Wellie Wisher stuff!

Wellies and Tenney

Here are the Wellie Wishers! I didn’t see Willa, but I wanna say she’s the most popular doll so she’s GONE. Camille and the others is here though.

Wellie Stuff

Here is the Wellie Wisher display! I want to buy some of the books. They seem interesting.

Snowflake Dress

I seen this BEAUTIFUL dress for the Wellies, I seen it before on Sydney’s blog  

Back of Snowflake

Here’s the back of the box.

Wellie Wisher Flower Crowns

I also seen this kit. Pretty cute, I might go back and get it. It’s a flower crown for the girl & doll.Back of Wellie Wisher FlowerCrowns

This is the back. It comes with beads, flowers and string for the crown. Very cute!Whole AG Display.JPG

Here is the whole display! I think I see a Logan, behind the Tenney, that’s next to Ashlyn.

That was all of it! I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for viewing!


46 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Stuff @ Kohls!

      1. XDDD I want HOTH so bad!!!! I can’t wait for Friday!!!, XD! I love writing too! I’m actually working on a book. One time, I started reading HOTH to my brother, and HE WOULD NOT LET ME STOP. And that was just Season One!!! XD

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      2. Btw, could you do me a favor and check out the end of Thump In The Night? I didn’t want to bother you since you were busy for a while , but THERE IS A BIIIGGG SURPRISE at the end!!! 😃

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  1. I heard that there was also AG doll at toy r us. Do you know if it’s all the dolls or just a few like Kohls? I have all three (AG store, Kohls, Toys r Us) near me.

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    1. Lucky! Kohls is closest to me, Toys R Us is 30 minutes away and AGP is about an hour away. Only Wellie Wishers and Truly Me’s are at Toys R Us, Truly Me dolls aren’t at my Toys R Us location though.

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