24 Days Of Christmas with AAG-Day 3!

Hello! For you East-Coasters, it’s already December 4th, it’s still the 3rd for me though. Also, I type in baby pink, Gabby types in black, Brooke in bright pink, Leah in orange, Simone in electric blue and Zoe in yellow and everyone (except me) in dark purple. Let’s get into the post!

Ok Gabby, I want you to jump up then bring your legs over. Are you sure I’m not gonna break an ankle or something? I’m sure! I been doing this since I was 5. Let’s see how long you can do your splits without putting your hands down. Ok! *sings random song about an ornament* Ornament, Ornament, pretty pretty ornament. You guys ready for the advent calendar? Yeah!

I’m reading it today! I’m doing it tomorrow then.

*reads* Make hot cocoa. YES! Hooray! Yippee! Woo hoo! Oh yeah!


Me, Gabby and Brooke will make the hot chocolate. Zoe and Simone can set the table. Got it? Ok. Okie-dokie!

This reminds me of Christmas. Yeah!

We have everything, right? Yeah, I think so. *runs to the table* YOU FORGOT THE SPOON! *pants* Ok now we’re ready.

15 minutes later….

I’m done! Me too. Not done yet! Why does it take so long to drink hot chocolate?

That was it! See you tomorrow for the next one!

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