24 Days Of Christmas With AAG- Day 8!

Hey everyone!

I am doing my best to get these posts done earlier. It’ll be done early tomorrow, I promise. Now, on with the post!


How do you want me to do you hair? Hm, surprise me. Ok! Whee! I can jump really high! I’m so bored. Can we do the advent calendar now? Sure. Leah I can do your hair after. Okay! *snores* GABBY WAKE UP! AHH! I’M UP!

IMG_4236IMG_4238Decorate stockings! Yay! Let’s do it!


This stocking is tres chic! I wish there was a pink one though. I’m going to add a heart!


This L is sloppy, better than anything I ever wrote with glue though. I think I’m going with gold.


Let’s add a little blue, and a little gold! Ooh, this is totally worth scream-singing about! PLEASE NO!



I’m gonna do some red, ooh! Gold too. I wanna do a smiley face too!


UGH! Brooklyn and Zoe used all the red. I’ll just use gold because it’s the color of a medal. Medals are for winners, like me. So I guess.


The End!

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