How to make a doll hairbow!

How to make a hairbow for your AG Dolls!.png

Hey everyone!

This is the surprise post I was talking about! I’m going to teach you all how to make a hairbow for your dolls. This can even work for your own hair!


You will need a hot glue gun, a black ponytail, a hair clip, a ruler and two types of ribbon. You need a thick one and a thinner one.



You need 6 inches of the thick ribbon and 3 inches of the thin ribbon.


Put some hot glue in the middle of the thick ribbon.


Make a circle with your thick ribbon, then push it down. It’ll already start to look like a bow!


The last step is to take your thin ribbon and put hot glue on the whole thing. Then ask someone to put the ponytail horizontally on the bow while you wrap the thin ribbon around it. Then, put the clip on the bow like how it’s shown above. Then you’re done! I made 4 of these and they are super easy to make. Have fun!


Maelyn ❤



24 thoughts on “How to make a doll hairbow!

      1. Oh, OK! Yeah, Izzy is not good at keeping secrets.
        Izzy: HEY!!!!
        Me: You are not supposed to be here!
        Izzy: Wait. There is a secret?!

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      2. Me: Same *Facepalm*
        Izzy: IDK. WHAT IS IT KAYLYN???!!!
        Me: I am not telling you.
        Izzy: Fine. I am telling Grandma (Kaylyn’s Mom).
        Me: DON’T YOU DARE.
        Izzy: *Sticks tongue out*
        Me: *Rolls eyes*

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  1. You are my first follower! I just started blogging today!
    It’s a great day! Yayayayayayayayay😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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