24 Days Of Christmas With AAG- Day 14-18

Brace yourself, this is a LONG post.

I’m so sorry I never got to do this! I had to get flour, then my dad told me I should just use the corn flour I had instead. So I did! Here we go! Also, Santa types in green.


7:00 AM

Oh Brooklynnnnnn, wake uppppp!10 more minutes…….Come on you guys! Wake up! Let’s do the advent calendar!Yeah, let’s do that! I’m doing it first!



Go to the North Pole?? How are we gonna get there?I know exactly what to do….. Get in the car!

1 hour later…


*gasps* SANTA!I told you I knew magic!Ho ho ho! Hello, Simone!How do you know my name?Well, I have to know the names of all the kids on my Nice list!Woah…

2 hours later….

That was fun!I guess.What’s next?Let’s see!MY TURN!


Go ice-skating.YAY!Let’s go!

30 minutes later…

IMG_4354*leaps and spins* *looks down*Wow!Woah!Wow. Leah, I never knew you were so good at ice-skating!Thanks, I used to skate every Christmas Eve when I lived in St. Louis.

1 hour later…

My turn!



Read Luke 1:37. Ok, I’ll go grab my bible!


Ok, Luke 1:37. Correct?Yep.Ok, let’s see. For with God, nothing shall be impossible.That really fits in with the meaning of the season.Yeah.Agreed.Let’s do the next one! My turn now!


IMG_4359.JPGMake ornaments!How??We can make them out of salt dough.Great idea!I’ll go start them and put them in the oven!

1 hour later….


Done!Ok, you can start your monogram ornament now.


I just did my first and last since there was no space, is that ok?Yeah, that’s fine.


How does my angel look??Pretty!Thanks *smiles*You’re welcome!


Ok, that L is super messed up. It’s fine, it’s supposed to be a memory.Ok.


Ugh! This M looks like…. looks like…. I don’t know! Garbage?Brooke, it’s fine. It’s not the end of the world.


This looks much better.Very pretty!Thank you!


Haha! This snowflake looks silly.It’s fine.


Oops, I got some pink and blue in my white! I’m not the best at painting.It’s totally fine, it’s also very pretty.Thanks!


Do you like my letters? Yes! Great job!Thank you!


Ooh, pretty Santa hat!Yeah! Its pretty cute!

That’s all! See you guys on Friday for the second to last 24DOCWA!

Signing off,

Maelyn's signoffGabby's signoffLeah's signoffBrooklynn sign outSimone's signoffZoe's signoff

6 thoughts on “24 Days Of Christmas With AAG- Day 14-18

  1. Thanks! I think my favorite is Brooke’s.I had a dream of having a gaming YT channel, so I found Brooklyn’s sign background last year, then I forgot about that YT channel. SO I found the background and remembered it. I was like “THIS IS PERFECT!” OMG IDEA! Want me to make you some? No cost. I’ll email it to you 🙂
    Gabby: *under breath* you mean a deer with a painted nose
    Leah: *hits her arm* DONT SPOIL IT SHE’S ONLY 9
    Brooke: She told me Santa wasn’t real when I was 4, broke my heart.


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