24 Days Of Christmas With AAG- Day 24!

Hello all!

Today is the LAST day of 24DOCWA until next year. I will miss doing this, it was so much fun! I won’t be posting until the 26th. One post on the 26th. Then Simone will post, and I will do a haul and review of my Christmas gifs! Here we go!


S-so c-cold.M-me too.Let’s do the advent calendar before we turn into ice boxes.Y-yeah.M-my turn.


Recite Isaiah 9:6.We can read i-it together.I’ll f-find it.


F-found it.


For to us, a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.Merry Christmas to all.And to all….A GOOD NIGHT!Β 

Have an amazing Christmas you guys! And Happy Birthday Lizzy!

Signing off,

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29 thoughts on “24 Days Of Christmas With AAG- Day 24!

      1. Yup! It always feels weird being youngest, since I am the oldest child. But all of my friends are like a year or two older than me since I skipped a grade. My favorite cousin is also a month older.

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