Simone’s Toybox: Christmas Haul!

HEY EVERYONE! Simone the birthday girl here! Today I’ll be showing you my Christmas haul! Remember, I don’t wanna brag in anyway. I can’t do that to you guys!

The first thing I got was an LOL doll! I am so happy! It’s a LOL Surprise Toddler Doll season 2.

Here’s the clue! Mine says Fashion Forward.

The next layer was a sticker sheet! On the flyer, you place the sticker underneath the doll that you got depending on what your doll does! It can spit, cry, tinkle or color change! The babies usually color change.

The next layer has the shoes in it! Let’s find out what shoes I got.

Awwww, these are cute! I wonder who it’s for!

The next layer has the bottle.

Here’s the bottle! It’s pretty cute. Mint is a very cute color!

The next layer has the outfit!

Cute! The outfit is two different pieces. A shirt and shorts. I think this is Kicks!

Finally, we have the accessory, the flyer and the doll!

Here’s the accessory!

We got a sweatband! Or a headband. Whatever you wanna call it 😛

Here’s the flyer! Based on the clues I’m TOTALLY sure that I got Kicks.

Here’s the doll! She says “GET ME OUTTA HERE!” XD

I got Kicks! Yay! She’s so cute, and when I opened her. She came out the bag posing like this!

Here she is in her outfit! Now, let’s figure out what she does!

She tinkles and cries! The cool thing is that some do two actions, and some do one!

On to the next gift!

Here’s my next gift! It has Rudolph on the wrapping paper.

Yay! I got an iPad!

Next gift!

Ooh, it has Mrs. Claus on it! But whoever wrapped it does a very bad job of wrapping gifts. HEY, I HEARD THAT!

Ooh! I think he’s a gnome or a woodsmen.

Inside are his hat and arms!

I think mine accidentally came with one arm. Oops!

Well, here he is!

Here’s another gift that I got! You guys are gonna like this 🙂

I GOT A PUPPY! Her name is Princess Chocolate Killer Willow! We just call her Coco. Have a great day everyone, and check back later for Mae’s christmas haul !

Signing off,

Simone's signoff

34 thoughts on “Simone’s Toybox: Christmas Haul!

      1. Izzy: YOU’RE WELCOME!!! OK, yay! HAPPY BIRTHD-
        Me: Izzy stop scream singing happy birthday. You are giving me a headache. Anyway, I am organizing Izzy and Gracelyn’s new room! My Mom has given me some new storage bins to store my doll clothes and such. I will send you a pic of that stuff later.

        Liked by 1 person

        Me: Cool! Simone moved in Zoe’s room. When I got Maryellen and Felicity, I put their bed where Simone’s was. I keep the boxes and use them for beds.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Izzy: YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!!! But SOMEONE interrupted….
        Me: HEY!!! In all fairness you WERE giving me a REALLY BAD headache. Yeah, I am going to make the box for my doll her bed.

        Liked by 1 person

        Me: Nice! In my doll room, I saved space by making two bunk beds.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Izzy: GREAT IDEA!!!!!! *Scream sings even louder than a normal voice*
        Me: In my opinion, that is not less loud. Anyway, Ooh, bunk beds?! How did you make them?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Me: MY EARSSSS! Ok, so I used one bottom of an AG box, I put the bottom of the box between the two lids, hen placed the other bottom of the box on top. They are fragile, so you kinda gotta be carful when you are putting your dolls to bed.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yeah, so maybe when you open Gracelyn you can complete it. For now, you could use the lid of Izzy’s box and the bottom of her box and make it like a canopy bed! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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