SNEAK PEEK: Strong Through It All

Strong Through It all opening

Happy Sunday everyone! Soon, I will have my first ever blog series, called “Strong Through It All”. Here is the sneak peek!

In Leah’s POV


I was feeling tired all the time, I lost 2 pounds since yesterday. I was always hungry and thirsty. I also had headaches all the time. I sat on my bed and said to myself “I’m not feeling like myself, There’s gotta be something wrong with me.”


I got up and went to find Gabby.


“Gabby?” I said. No response, so I called her name again. “GABBY?!” I screamed. “WHAT? Can’t you see I’m watching the game??” I sighed, “I need to see Maelyn, now” Gabby sighs and says “She went to the store, why?”

IMG_4686.JPGBrooke walked over to see what we were talking about. I said to them both, “I don’t feel very well.” “She’ll be home soon.” Brooke said. “In the meanwhile, what’s wrong?”

That’s all! Have a great day, and the series should be out in 1-2 months!

Signing off,

Maelyn's signoff

3 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK: Strong Through It All

  1. Ooh! I can’t wait! btw, what username should I put when I invite you for for girls by girls? I wasn’t really sure what username to use. Thanks! I can’t wait to find out what’s wrong with Leah!


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