Liebster Award & The Holiday Tag!

Hey everyone!

I was nominated for 2 tags! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Arabella, and nominated for the Holiday Tag by Madison! Thanks, you guys rock! First, the Holiday Tag!


  • Answer all questions honestly
  • Take at least 5 pictures of your doll or doll-sized decorations for the holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas)
  • Tag at least 2 other bloggers with doll blogs
  • If you have more than one blog, then DON’T TAG YOURSELF
  • You need to ask at least 5 questions


What was your favorite gift you received last Christmas?

I believe you are talking about 2017, correct? If so, then either Maryellen or Felicity. If it’s 2016, then Simone or my AG Ultimate Crafting Kit.

Favorite dish you ate last Thanksgiving?


Favorite doll holiday-themed photo?

This picture of K.C. from Delightful World Of Dolls!

Favorite holiday post of yours?

24 Days Of Christmas with AAG 14-18

Which holiday do you like the best?

Either Christmas or Easter.

That was fun!

I nominate;

Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World

Hope from AG Doll Dreams

Now, for the Liebster Award!


The Rules-

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.
Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
Give 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination.
Give those nominated blogs 11 questions to answer.

Favorite color?

Light pink, lilac and gold.

Do you have a phone?

No, I have an iPad though!

Do you like reading or writing better?


What’s one of your favorite books?

Gabriela by Teresa E. Harris.

How many of the 50 USA states have you been in? (if you’ve been to the US)

Massachusetts (LET’S GO BAY-STATERS!), New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Indianapolis and Texas. (42 more to go!) I have been to a few countries though.

Have you watched/read Star Wars?

Never, what’s it like?

Do you like chocolate?


What color is your hair?

Dark brownish-blackish

Bath or shower?


Cat or dog?

Dogs ALL the way, cats are still cute though!

At theme parks, do you mostly go on fast rides or slow rides?

I LOVE fast rides, slow rides are kinda boring. I really like Cat Women’s Whip at Six Flags New England!

Random Facts;

I’m random xD

I got unicorn earbuds today!

I LOVE music

I wear glasses, since I was 7!

I’ve been reading since I was 3, I love books ❤

I like 80-90’s music XD, especially Man In The Mirror, I’m listening to it right now!

I don’t like Pepsi, at ALL.

I knew about AG since 2011, 3 years until it’s a decade!

I LOVE softball

I like basketball, I just don’t play it.




I nominate;

Madison @ Delightful World Of Dolls

Hope @ AG Doll Dreams

Kaylyn @ Kaylyn’s World

Maya and Mahlia @ A Little Barbie World

AGs In Alaska @ American Girls In Alaska

Katie @ All Doll’d Up

Gracie @ Through The Eyes Of Gracie

Lizzy @ Learning To Live, Struggling To Strive

Kaitlyn @ Kait’s AG Crafts

Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures

Rachel @ Nancy Drew Blog For You

My questions:

Who’s your favorite singer?

What’s your opinion on sweets?

Glitter, or plain old colors?

Do you like to read?

What do you blog on?

Do you play sports? If so, which one?

Do you have siblings?

Homeschooled or brick-and-mortar school?

What’s your favorite holiday?

What’s your favorite animal?

What’s your favorite TV show?

Signing off,

Maelyn's signoff


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