Felicity’s new penpal!

Hey everyone!

My doll, Felicity is now pen-pals with Josie from Dolls n’ Cupcakes! Ok, Lissie. Take it away!

Dear Josie,

Hello there! I’m your new pen-pal, Felicity. I guess I’ll start off by saying some stuff about me.

  • I’m 14
  • I love video games, especially Super Mario Odyssey!
  • My favorite sister is Gabby, her real name is Gabriela, but she doesn’t like being called that.
  • I’m Christen, my favorite holiday is probably Easter.
  • My cousin, Maryellen is now my adopted sister! How cool is that?
  • I have a dog, her name is Princess Chocolate Killer Willow. Coco for short.

What are some things about you? Do you like video games?

Your Pen Pal,



Here’s a picture of me and my family!

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