I Love You Tag!

Hey everyone!
ILY Tag!
I was nominatied for the I Love You tag! Here are the rules.

The rules are:

Use the tag image I created!

Link the creator(me) and the original post!

Send the card/tag to 5 or more other blogging buddies! You can send it to me and anyone else that I tag because there are no questions! So no one has to redo a whole bunch of questions! You can just send the card to me or the same people I did and explain why YOU love them!

This is not in any particular order!

Here we go!

Hope: I love you because you are super nice, and super inspiring! You were one of my first blogging friends and followers! You’re also my top commenter! Thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.25.11 PM

Kaylyn: I love you because you’re super funny and great to talk to! Your blog is also super fun to read! Thank you!

Arabella: I love you because you’re super fun and your photography is goals. I am also a fan of OOTD! Thank you!

Madison L: Madi, I love you were the first AG blog I ever read, and it’s one of my favorites! You were my first follower, and you’re very inspiring and funny. Your photography and writing are amazing! You can also juggle THREE blogs at once, I can never do that! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

AGs In Alaska: I love you because your blog is super fun to read and you’re very sweet! Thank you!

Lizzy: I love you because you’re very funny and sweet! Also, our Christmas tree is still up! Thank you!

That’s all! If I forgot you, please let me know. Happy Valentines day!

Signing off,

Maelyn's signoff

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