Looking Back: February 2018 + Announcement

Hey guys!

I had no posts ideas, but now I do! Today I’ll be looking back at February. Here we go!


Happy Birthday, Ellie/ An AGPS: My doll, Maryellen turned 16 this month! It took forever to do, but it was worth it! I also almost forgot about her birthday!


Felicity’s new penpal!: This month, Felicity got a penpal! Her penpal is Josie from Dolls N’ Cupcakes.


Valentine’s Day Photoshoot!: I took Valentine’s Day pictures with my AG dolls! This was my first photoshoot!


Say What? An AGPS +Special Announcement: This has to be my favorite photo story ever! It’s super funny.

ILY Tag!

I Love You Tag!: This was fun to do! I hope it comes back next year! I also want to thank Lizzy for thinking of it.

That was all, now it’s time of the announcement! Since it has to do with Simone, I want her to say it. Simone, take it away!


*tap tap* I this thing on?

Gabby: *whispers* Yeah, just continue!

Simone: OH, ok. HI EVERYONE! Long time, no see! I think you guys all know about my series on Mae’s blog, right? Well, I’m changing the name! It’s going to be SAM’s Toybox. Why you ask? Well, my name is Simone Alana McBride. SAM are my initials and my nickname, so I decided to change it to SAM’s Toybox. Bye!

Maelyn's signoffSimone's signoff

11 thoughts on “Looking Back: February 2018 + Announcement

  1. Wait, is tomorrow your birthday??? In school we has a Dr. Suess thing for lunch and I remember you saying that your birthday was the same day as his.

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