Strong Through It All: Ep. 2

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Today is the next part of “Strong Through It All”. I hope you guys enjoy!



“I’m home!” Mae yelled. I walked downstairs. “Mae?” I walked up to her. “Hey Leah! What’s up?” I sighed “Nothing, I just don’t feel well.”. “What do you mean?” she looked down at me. “My head hurts really bad, and I don’t really feel like myself.”. “OK, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Mae said. I nodded.

45 minutes later…


“Leah McBride?” the nurse called. I raised my hand. “Hi there. I’m Nurse Hattie and I’ll be taking care of you today. Follow me.” I got up and followed her.



“We’re going to start off with testing your blood sugar. We’re going to have to prick your finger, ok?” I nodded “OK.” She pricked my finger then she put my blood on something I believe is called a test strip.


She wiped the blood off my finger.


“Oh my. That’s quite high.” I looked at the meter. What does that mean, and how bad is it? I was scared.


“I’ll go get the doctor, do you need anything?” Nurse Hattie asked me. “No, I’m fine.” She nodded and left the room.


I laid down and sighed. I was very scared and I wasn’t sure what was going on.


“Leah?” The doctor knocked. “Come in.” I sat up. “Hi Leah, I’m Dr. Roberts. We’re going to give you IV and draw your blood, OK?” I nodded.


She drew my blood, it hurt. It wasn’t that bad though.


“OK, Leah. I’ll be back with your results shortly.” Dr. Roberts said. I nodded, then Dr. Roberts waved and left the room


That’s all for today! Another STIA episode next Friday! Bye!

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