O Christmas Tree ~ An AGPS

Rebecca’s POV


It was a chilly November evening, me and Simone were looking at Emmie’s new blog post. Felicity and Gabby were watching YouTube, Brooke and Leah were taking a mirror selfie and Ellie and Luci were talking about their dream  bedrooms. 

IMG_6150 2.JPG

Right in the middle of the post, my phone died. I put my phone down and sighed. “Aw man!” cried Simone.

“I know.” I put my phone on my bed.


I walked over to Ellie and cried. “Ellie, i’m bored.”

IMG_6152 2.JPG

Luci scooted over to Ellie more. “Maybe we should put up the Christmas tree.” 

Felicity rolled her eyes, “Really, Luciana? It’s November 17th.”

Ellie stood up “I don’t see why not, when I rode my moped scooter home from school me and Elle seen a house with Christmas decorations up. Nothing wrong with starting early.”

Leah put down her phone “Me and Ellie can get the tree, Becca can get the decorations. Everyone else just go in the living room.” We all got up and left our room.

IMG_6156 2.JPG

5 minutes later, we were all coming down the stairs to set up the Christmas tree. 

IMG_6161 2.JPG

I put down the box of ornaments. Brooke and Gabby sat on the couch watching Leah, Luci and Ellie shape the tree.

IMG_6162 2.JPG

“Okay, the tree is ready to decorate!” Ellie exclaimed. Everyone jumped up and crowded the tree.


“Brooklynn, watch out!” Gabby yelled.

“No, you watch out!” Brooke exclaimed. Everyone tried to get ornaments on the tree and there was pushing and some people (including me) got poked by the ornament hooks, that hurt A LOT.

IMG_6166 2.JPG

Luci stepped back from the tree. “Done.” We all cheered, the tree was finally done! 

“Wait a second…” Felicity said. “Who’s doing the star?” We all looked at each other.

Ellie said “Luci’s the newest, do you wanna do it Luci?”

“OK!” Luci said with a smile.

IMG_6168 2IMG_6169

🎄🎁🌟 The End🌟🎁 🎄


Hi guys! Sorry I took such a long unexpected break, I was really busy and lost inspiration. Now I’m back, for good! My aunt got me the Premium plan, so expect some videos soon! I will also have my Christmas theme up on Wednesday since I’ll be busy on Thursday. Also, I want a camera for Christmas, does anyone have recommendations on which one I should ask for? Bye!

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 8.59.31 PM

(i’ll be using that until Wednesday)


5 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree ~ An AGPS

  1. Yay, you’re back! Awesome photostory, I love Christmas time! As for cameras, I’m not really sure… I have a Nikon, but I know Canons are also pretty good too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you’re back! I love your tree’s red ornament theme 🙂 I suggest a Canon Powershot as they’re small but take pictures well, or even a new phone or ipad with a nicer camera.
    I really want a new camera for Christmas, too, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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