New Theme!

Hi everyone! Yay! I promised myself that my holiday theme would be by Wednesday, and it is!  I hope you guys like it, do you think it's a little boring? I hope not. Whenever WordPress adds their snow option I'll use it, so my redesign isn't finished yet. I hope you guys have a great … Continue reading New Theme!

AG Book Haul

Hello everyone! Recently, I got tons of AG books from my dad's friend, Dr. Dawson. She even gave me books from the Pleasant Company days! I also have a Jess book, which is cool because she went to Belize, and my grandma was born in Belize! She's also an American Girl fan! We also have the … Continue reading AG Book Haul

Blog Revamp!

Hi everyone! You might remember my sisters Maya and Mahlia. They got rid of their old blog and now they have a new one! They now blog about AG Dolls and Barbies. To see their new blog, click here. The first post will say that I posted it, that's because I let them post from … Continue reading Blog Revamp!