Happy Birthday, Ellie/ An AGPS

To see who's saying what, view the Meet The Dolls page and look at the "Type Color" for each doll. Everyone (except Maryellen for this post) is dark purple.   *yawns* Hm, what day is it? *gasps* IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I'M GONNA WAKE THE GIRLS! Hey,  no one's here. What's this? "Hey Ellie! We went … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Ellie/ An AGPS


Liebster Award & The Holiday Tag!

Hey everyone! I was nominated for 2 tags! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Arabella, and nominated for the Holiday Tag by Madison! Thanks, you guys rock! First, the Holiday Tag! RULES; Answer all questions honestly Take at least 5 pictures of your doll or doll-sized decorations for the holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas) … Continue reading Liebster Award & The Holiday Tag!

Post Ideas?

Hey everyone! I have no ideas for posts, except for Maryellen's birthday post, but that's in February. So I don;t know what to do. In the comments please let me know what posts to do. Crafts, photo stories, photoshoots? In the meanwhile, I'm just gonna post random baby animal pictures. Here we go! Signing off,