Signoffs and Buttons!

In need of a blog button or signoff? You came to the right blog!


I can make t hem for you! Simply send me an email. I need to know your name or what you go by, your favorite color and things you like. I make them for dolls, also! Just email the name of the doll(s), their favorite color and what they like. If you can’t use emails, that’s fine too. You can tell me in comments! Here is some of my work;

Chrissa's signoffMandy

A Little Barbie World buttonALL-AMERICAN GIRL-2

25 thoughts on “Signoffs and Buttons!

  1. I’d love to do sign-offs for my dolls!
    Kit- Fav color- pink Likes- being creative, painting, dolls, toys
    Isabelle- Fav color- red Likes- spiders, toys (but more like cars and trucks)
    Lila- Fav color- blue Likes- French, Writing, Photography, Singing(microphones)

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