Happy 5th Blogiversary Madi!


Today, is the anniversary of my favorite doll blog EVER to be made in this world. HAPPY 5TH BLOGIVERSARY MADI! She has been blogging for half a decade, GEEZ! That’s a real long time to be blogging. She’s an AMAZING writer and I love her photo stories. Some of my favorites are Hang On To Hope, I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams), Heads Up and Little Orphan Emmi. You can find the link to ALL of her photo stories here.

It is also her mom’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADI’S MOM! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your day, and I wish you many more to come!

Madi is also doing a giveaway for her 5th blogiversary! The link is here. Just say “Also, AAG sent me here” after you put all the giveaway info in.

Catch ya later!



Kaylyn’s Klub!

Hello everyone!

I joined my wonderful friend, Kaylyn’s writing club! The theme is Sweaters and Snow! Here’s my story!

Hi, I’m Destiny Roberts. Ever since I was 4, I haven’t seen snow. My family moved from New York to California. I still don’t like it here! I miss the snow, sledding and snowball fights. You can’t do that here… Today my mom made an announcement. “For Thanksgiving, we’ll be going on a trip!” “Where?” My brother, Aidan asked. My dad said “It’s a surprise, start packing. We leave tomorrow!”. My twin sister, Faith and I ran to our room to pack. We were filled with questions. Like, Where were we going? Will it take long? What do we have to pack? “Destiny, can you help me zip my suitcase please?” Faith asked as she tried to close her suitcase. I giggled and said ” Okay, let’s take out some stuff first”. Soon after that, we were packed and ready to leave the next morning. I couldn’t sleep that night, I still had a bunch of questions! Eventually, I fell asleep. “Destiny, wake up!” My twin sister, Faith said. I jumped up and got ready. Soon after that, we were finally on the plane! I was so excited to finally leave, but where are we going? “Welcome to New York City, the city of lights!” Me and Faith looked at each other and screamed. “I can’t believe it! We’re in New York!” My mom said “Let’s head to the hotel now, we’re going ice-skating at Rockefeller Center.” I got even more excited, I haven’t been to Rockefeller Center since I was only 3! Once we got to the hotel, I put on my blue sweater with white snowflakes, baby blue leggings and my earmuffs. Then we headed out the door, “Let’s rock and roll!” My dad said as he started to drive to Rockefeller Center. It was only a 10 minute drive from our hotel, soon enough we were there! I laced up my ice skates and hit the ice. I spun and leaped, I looked like an Olympic ice skater! At night it started to snow, we made snow angels, had a snowball fight, an igloo contest and made a snow family. When we got back to the hotel, I drifted off to sleep dreaming of snow.

The End

So, how did you like it? Did I do good? That’s all for Kaylyn’s Klub today! I’ll write another one soon, as soon as Kaylyn gives me the new topic.








Are you guys kidding me? 10 followers? This is crazy, thank you so much! I never expected this much followers. Thank you for all the support!

P.S. I know I have 11 followers, but the 10th one doesn’t count because that was me 😉


Shout out to Sam for being my 10th follower!

Madi’s Giveaway!

Create-Your-Own Giveaway!

Madison @ Delightful World Of Dolls is hosting a Create-Your Own Giveaway! To enter, go here. The last day to enter is November 30th, so be quick! Months fly by FAST. Be sure to get a parent’s permission first. Even if you can’t enter the giveaway you should still follow and read her blog, it’s AWESOME! If you are able to enter the giveaway, If you  learned about it here, it would be great if you say  “Also, I learned about this from AAG!” at the end of your entry!

Good Luck!


Blue Sky Tag!


Today, I’ll be doing the Blue Sky Tag!  I was nominated by The Doll’s Mom from AG  Doll Dreams, thanks for nominating me!

Rules are:

1.Thank the person who tagged you

2. Answer their 11 questions

3. Tag 11 new people

4. Give them 11 more questions to answer

Let’s start!

1. Which of my dolls do you think you are most like: Bethany or Felicity?

Bethany! We have close birthdays, love the same colors, hate when people wear polka dots and stripes (my sister wore stripes and polka dots yesterday and I told her to change her clothes XD)

2. Do you like Macaroni and Cheese?


3. Tenney or Nanea?

Hmm… such a hard question. If I had to choose, I’d have to go with Tenney.

4. Do you like to draw?

I love to draw!

5. What is your favorite flavor of pie?

Apple pie!

6. Do you have any pets?

No, I wish! I really want a chihuahua

7. What is your favorite Bible text?

The Lord is good to all, and His mercy is over all that He has made- Psalm 145:9

8. Paper clips or staples? 


9. Do you watch AGTube?

Yes! I love Mixie Pixie and Kelli Maple. Kelli Maple makes mostly Baby Alive videos, but she does American Girls too. I also love her Baby Alive videos.

10. Do you enjoy blogging?


11. Did you like answering all my random questions? XD

Yes I did!

That was fun! I now nominate

Madison from Delightful World Of Dolls

Loren from Happy House Of AG

Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner

Katie from Happy World Of AG

Kaitlyn from Kait’s AG Crafts

Rutvi from Buzz About AG

Emma from Wack-A-Doodle AG

Gracie from Smile And Craft AG

Catlover02 and American Girl Doll Artist from Small Dolls In A Big World

Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World

Arabella from Anything In The Wonderful Life


Questions are:

Favorite movie?

Longest plane trip you’ve ever been on?

If you could invent a color, what would it look like?

Can you do a cartwheel?

Is your hair long or short?

Best short story you’ve ever read (as in, on a blog)?

Do you make your bed every morning?

Candy canes or hot chocolate?

Do you have any jewelry?

What’s your toothpaste flavor?

Christmas present that you really want (or wanted, if you do this after Christmas)?


American Girl Doll Stuff @ Kohls!

I went to Kohl’s last night for halloween costumes and I found the AG display! I took some pictures to share with you guys! 🙂


I love this display with Tenney & Logan!

Tenney Display

This is just some of Tenney’s stuff. I didn’t see Logan there, I suppose he’s a popular doll!Tenney's & Logan's Items

Here is Tenney’s outfits, accessories and Logan’s drum. I never expected it to be SO tiny!

Tenney's Pajamas

Here is some of Tenney’s exclusive pajama’s. It’s for the girl and the doll. I have the pink Sing Your Story pajamas and I totally recommend them. Brooke seems to take over the doll version XD.

Now for some Wellie Wisher stuff!

Wellies and Tenney

Here are the Wellie Wishers! I didn’t see Willa, but I wanna say she’s the most popular doll so she’s GONE. Camille and the others is here though.

Wellie Stuff

Here is the Wellie Wisher display! I want to buy some of the books. They seem interesting.

Snowflake Dress

I seen this BEAUTIFUL dress for the Wellies, I seen it before on Sydney’s blog  

Back of Snowflake

Here’s the back of the box.

Wellie Wisher Flower Crowns

I also seen this kit. Pretty cute, I might go back and get it. It’s a flower crown for the girl & doll.Back of Wellie Wisher FlowerCrowns

This is the back. It comes with beads, flowers and string for the crown. Very cute!Whole AG Display.JPG

Here is the whole display! I think I see a Logan, behind the Tenney, that’s next to Ashlyn.

That was all of it! I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for viewing!


New Blogger Tag!

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 2.11.59 PM

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be doing the New Blogger Tag, made by Arabella from Arabella’s Photos

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link their blog
  2. Answer the questions they gave you
  3. Nominate at least 3 new bloggers
  4. Ask at least 5 or more questions for them to answer


Why and when did you start blogging?

I started blogging November 2016, I started to blog because it seemed fun and after seeing other AMAZING blogs I wanted to blog too.

Who inspires you?

Madison from Delightful World Of Dolls, 
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Sketching. Drawing, Singing, Listening to music, reading, crafting
What gave you the idea for your blog?

My grandma, and Madi from Delightful World of Dolls
Look to your right! What do you see?

I see my softball trophies, my sister’s basketball trophies, a picture of me and my second youngest sister, picture of my youngest sister, family picture with my great grandpa, great grandma, great-aunt, mom, dad, grandma, sister, and myself at age 2 (I was so chubby xd)
Where do you blog (bedroom, couch, phone, anything like that would work)?

My kitchen table
What is your favorite TV show?

Miraculous Ladybug!
What is your blog mainly about?

American Girl Dolls
How many siblings do you have?

3 younger siblings. I am the oldest (OHH YEAH) All girls too 😉
Country or City?

City all day!
What is your favorite blog?

Argh…. this is so hard. Ok, this is complicated! Delightful World of Dolls is my final answer, I also like Kaylyn’s World, AG Doll Dreams, Anything in the Wonderful Life, American Girl Doll News and Little Dolls On The Prairie.
If you could dye your hair any color, what color would you pick and why?

Blue! I like the way blue hair looks, blue and black hair looks beautiful!
What is your favorite color?

I like blue, I also like pink, purple,  turquoise and gold.

That’s all! I nominate:

Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World

The Doll’s Mom from AG Doll Dreams

Arabella from  Anything In The Wonderful Life      (is it fine if I nominated your other blog? 



Why do you like to blog?

Who’s your favorite singer and actress/actor?

What device do you use to blog?

Do you like Disney?

What’s your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite food?

Can you do gymnastics? If so, what tricks can you do?

What’s your pet peeve?

Do you watch NBA? If so, what’s your favorite team and player? 

What’s your favorite blog?


Hey Guys!

Ok, Christmas is 59 days away. YAY! Where has this year gone? I already started looking for Christmas dresses, Brooke will wear the Celebration Dress, Simone will wear Melody’s Christmas dress and Gabby will wear the Festive Reindeer PJ’s. You may be thinking  “so…what is Leah wearing?” Well, I’m not sure. I need YOUR help to decide! Answering this poll will be a great help.  Thanks if you do!



 This is the poll

Simone’s Toybox: Hatchimals and Candy Stores!

IMG_3954.JPG Hi everyone, It’s Simone here. I got a Hatcnhimal today! I decided to show you her.IMG_3955

Here she is! I haven’t opened her yet. I decided to open her with you guys. IMG_3956

This is the front of the flyer. These are the places your Hatchimal can come from.IMG_3957

To open the egg, you have to rub the heart until it turns pink. So I’m gonna do thatIMG_3958

It started to open! I’m excited to see what she looks like. I think it’s a she, I honestly don’t know xdIMG_3959Almost open! Look at her adorable face! ❤


It’s opened, yay!IMG_3961I got her out of the shell, she’s so cute! I think she’s a squirrel

IMG_3962.JPGAccording to the flyer, she’s from the Forest group. The color of the speckles on the egg tells you what group your Hatcnhimal is from. Since mine had green speckles, she’s from the Forest collection.

IMG_3963.JPGLook, that’s my Hatcnhimal 🙂IMG_3964

I think the bottom part of the shell is supposed to be used as a nest for the HatcnhimalIMG_3965

I also got another playset. A Design Your World Candy Shop! I suppose we have to put it togetherIMG_3966

These are the pieces for it.


These are the different floorings. I think I wanna go with the peppermint swirl floor.

IMG_3970So now I’m gonna open the pieces for the wall, but I’m gonna need help. MAE!!!!!


Can you open this for me?

Kay, sure



Got it open. I put two pieces of the wall on now. Now I have to add the two others piecesIMG_3972


Now I have to make the candy shop owner. Sigh, decisions decisions.


I decided to do the lady. So now I am gonna put her in the candy storeIMG_3975

Here’s the candy shop owner and her pet squirrel, Fluffy!


Thanks for viewing everyone and I’ll see you next time in Simone’s Toybox. Bye!







So, how did you guys like it? I hope you enjoyed, I’ll post again soon! Toodles!



Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I’m Maelyn, and this is my new blog! Here I post all about my dolls and their busy lifes. I got my first AG doll at 7 years old on Christmas 2015, after I been hoping for one for many years. Now I have 3 (and counting!). To hear some more about me go to the About The Author page. To hear about my dolls, go to the Meet The Dolls Page.

Catch you later,