Pen Pals: Josie and Felicity

Dear Josie, It's cool how we have dogs with the same name! What kind of dog is your Coco? My Coco is a Chocolate Labrador. Lent started, it means Easter is soon! It's pretty exciting. Are you watching the Winter Olympics? I am! The snowboarding is my favorite. Brooke and Maryellen think the ice-skating is … Continue reading Pen Pals: Josie and Felicity


I Love You Tag!

Hey everyone! I was nominatied for the I Love You tag! Here are the rules. The rules are: Use the tag image I created! Link the creator(me) and the original post! Send the card/tag to 5 or more other blogging buddies! You can send it to me and anyone else that I tag because there … Continue reading I Love You Tag!

Post Ideas?

Hey everyone! I have no ideas for posts, except for Maryellen's birthday post, but that's in February. So I don;t know what to do. In the comments please let me know what posts to do. Crafts, photo stories, photoshoots? In the meanwhile, I'm just gonna post random baby animal pictures. Here we go! Signing off,